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The Lost Shipment – Progress is being made


This is just a quick update on the progress of my project, “The Lost Shipment”.

Things done:

*Starter Town and events related

+Morticulus and events related

+”Castle Town” and events related

+Equips, skills, enemies, and combat balancing.

-Mountain dungeon and events related.

*Being all needed finished, + Being in progress and almost done, – Being has yet to be started.

Being that I just reached the half way mark of January, I am a little further behind than I would have hoped.  I should catch up this weekend though! Stay tuned!


How to – Limit event to facing direction

Part 1:

In this tutorial, we will be covering how to check direction checking.  This first half will be covering pseudo methods and just theory, the second half will be implementing it into RPG Maker VX Ace.

This portion of the tutorial will be usable in any game making engine as it is all pseudo, and not limited to RPG Maker.

What we will be covering in this tutorial is how to make an event trigger only when facing a character, and rom a specific distance.  Sound simple right?  Well, let’s get started!

Now, let me show an image of what we are going to achieve.